What a relationship!

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Every one hope their relationship with others will be as smooth as a high way…When they found some troubles and the heart’s crashed, they feel depress, more often then unwilling to give a second try.

Somehow, we forgot to look inside ourselves. Does the criteria you’ve made help? What is it does matter? Is it a fine job, a high tittle graduation, a hard working man, a lovely woman or a sexy body? Perhaps you would like her if she can cook delicious meal..or maybe you will go crazy for him if he dressed in Armani.  :)) What is it?

Ask it to yourself and try to think of it for a while…What kind of spouse do you really want to have around? Try to think when you need to share your private things, when you don’t need to get red face because you fart accidentally…Hey! That’s normally human… :)) But by giving a deep thought on things you’d like to share with together will makes you understand yourself and then give you a clear vision on what kind of man/woman you want to spend your rest of life.

Then I believe you will come to a new vision of what relationship really is…It is sharing your life together with…It is not going to be about a perfect sexy blond haired nor a 24 hours well suited man…

It could be about a relax breakfast in your small comfort kitchen at home, just the two of you..with bath robe and two cups of coffee accompany your bacon….

What I’m trying to tell you is that we can not always get what we exactly wanted from our spouse….as we are not a perfect one either…so the word ‘perfect’ itself turns out to be very flexible when it comes on love matters.


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