Five Environmental Threats That No One Cares About

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You’ve heard about a great deal of threats to the environment. You hear all over the place about global warming, water pollution, air pollution, and so many other bad things that humans are responsible for. There’s such a long list, it would take hours to read (figuratively). But have you ever heard of environmental threats?

Some people confuse threats to the environment, and environmental threats to the point of confusing a hurricane with water pollution. But environmental threats are things in the environment that threaten humanity. It’s not the other way around, where humanity threatens the environment. But most people know that the environment threatens humanity.

How could they not? Just a few years ago, there was the dreaded Hurricane Katrina, and a few years back from that was the huge tsunami that took the world’s news by storm. Just about all of the people that lived on the shores of the Indian ocean after it got some kind of attention. And about one hundred years ago, the hurricane of 1901 destroyed Galveston, Texas to the ground. These disasters are just not things to ignore.

People don’t ignore those threats in any way. But there are a lot more threats that no one really cares about that have the power to destroy entire civilizations. Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous, yet not cared about threats.


These are some of the most deadly disasters that can occur. They have the power of engulfing an entire city, encasing it all in a thick layer of hot mud.

Lahars are very deadly to whoever lives through one. They are floods of molten rock, gas, and water that rush down encasing everything in it’s path. According to Wikipedia, they have the consistency of concrete. When it flows, it’s soft. But when it’s stopped, it stands like a concrete block.

Lahars are connected to volcanic activity, and are very destructive. They can flow at high speeds, and for a long distance. In Armero, Columbia, approximatly 23,000 people died underneath the flow of a lahar.


Though no one really cares about these any more, these are still a major problem. It affects everyone equally. Because of drought, there are many problems. For one thing, if there’s a drought, it gets really hot (unless you live in Antarctica).

Here, in Texas, there has been a drought for at least two years in a row. We barely see any good rain here. If it was a farming community, no one in central Texas would have been not hungry. But it isn’t, so we don’t have to worry about that.

If it were somewhere else, the hundred five degree weather would’ve killed all of our food supply, and us along with it. Due to drought, many past civilizations have died off.

Eating Meat

Whether you like it or not, you might have to give up eating meat one day. Why? It is one of the things that can cause global warming. Producing meat is a dangerous thing for the environment. If you are in the business, you are inadverdantly increasing greenhouse gasses. The processing plants create lots of fumes that the environment doesn’t like.

Feeding all that cattle with grains also reduces the food supply. In these tough economic times, it would be good to sell all that food to people that actually need it. Cows can just graze in the grass. It’s perfectly harmless for them.


Experts say that this is the worst environmental threat the world faces. Due to the increase in population growth, people have had to resort to doing all sorts of crap to the environment that leads to bad stuff happening to us.

Using AC while your windows are open

This is one of the worst things you can do to get yourself harmed. AC has CFC coolants that destroy the ozone layer that protects us from the dangerous UV rays of space. With it gone, we would not be able to live for a very long time.

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