Physical Factors in Stress Management

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Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise are very important to retain our health. Eating the right food can provide us with nutrients that our body needs. Having enough sleep is also an important factor since the human body needs to rest. Exercise too keeps our body in fit and in good condition. In stress management, Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise are also an important factors.

This three aspects help us to manage our stress physically. Nutrition It is advice that individual should take right amount of healthy foods to avoid serious stress. If an individual have no proper nutrition, the body might breakdown its own tissues just to provide energy that is required. In this state, there are tendencies that the immune system will become weaker, and the body will be subjected to diseases.

This is one of the reason why many people who(eharmony vs match) were exposed on a great deal of stress for a long time developed illness. Sometimes , some people developed obesity, in the sense that they uses food to cope up with stress and will result to over eating, specially with foods high in sugar and fats. Too little or too much eating is not a good way to manage a stress, this could result to more serious health problems in the future. Sleep Sleep also plays an important role in managing stress. It is very much important to have an uninterrupted and right amount of sleep. Right amount means not less and not much.

There are studies that shows that too much sleeping could result into an increased depression or in a decreased energy levels. Sleeping less could also give losses in higher cognitive processing tasks or decline in the performance of simple task and memory loss. In serious cases, an individual could suffer from temporary psychosis such as hallucinations and delirium.

Getting right amount of sleep (8 hours a day) is very much important in stress management. Exercise Exercise is found to have a good effect in managing stress physically. It makes you focus in your breathing as you breath deeply, the muscles releases which make our body more relax. Research also shows that through doing exercise the ” Endorphins” will be activated. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that helps fight stress. Having this three aspect namely; Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise help fight and manage stress physically.


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