The Big Dollars

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Money Money Money…………Bloodies making easily and harworker working hard

 This is the word which is making everyone in this world jealous to each other. This is just spoling life of every person. There is nothing bad to make money but the way people use to make it is bad. I grew up in a middle class family. i enjoyed each moments of my life but i also realised the problem without money.

   Brother is killing brother, father is killing son, son is killing father, everyone is trying to use shortcut to make money. I think the name of universe should be changed from universe to “Moneyverse”. Even in the race of making more money,people are forgetting the god who is running this world.

  I suggest we have some great opportunities with which we can make money in our pockets easily. Lets kill all corrupt minister, businessmen who are making money illegally. Now some of you will be thinking “How it is possible”? 

 It seems to be very odd but its true, where the money is going ultimately. The answer is illegal bank accounts. One person use to work continously but he dont get the money, success, satisfaction. WHY?????? because he  does hardwork and some cheap people take the fruit of his hard work.

Is it   fair?No. then why we people always stand with those people in their works like election, their publicity. why? I have seen some of the families who kill each other just to get there dreams fulfilled thorough these bloody people.

 Brother do not cooperate with his brother, father but definitely do it for those people who use him? where is the problem? If we go in deep we will find the answer easily. we are hungery of money. we people have no respect regarding our relations, our duties. when we are getting money into our pocket we have no worry beacuse we are getting money. where are the sentiments. ARE WE HUMAN BEING? No. beacuse there is no difference between US and the stones who have same properties.

   Can u imagine, How beautiful will be the world if everyone will be happy enjoying each and every moment of his life. GOD will be smiling at us that this is the world i created. this was my motive that human should respect human, feel each other sentiments, share each others problems.

   lets try to understand the responsibilities of our life. Lets adopt the funda..” LIVE AND LET LIVE”.


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