Forbitten Love

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Forbidden Love

Lord…This world has been crying

This world is seeking justification

Only you and this world discerns forlorn

Please have mercy on this world Father…O Majesty

If this world doesn’t deserve you maybe you

Could send…no…if we can’t have you Mercy isn’t Mercy

Comfort our body’s hearts minds soul’s spirit and lives

O…Please don’t pass us by where art thou please stop by

O…Hollow be thy name Father God Jehovah

Our Father in Heaven…Creator of Heaven and Earth

If only this primitive world could fall in love with you

If only this world’s selfish desires could be true

Forbidden Love

If only we were not your saved sinners of the flesh

Jehovah…the flesh could never ever please me

Jehovah…only the Spirit can please me God…I AM

The Flesh is against the Spirit

The Spirit is against the Flesh

I know…I know…This silly love letter my silly heart

Can’t Please God

Forbidden Love…Forbidden Love

If only this selfish world could fall in love with you

A Spiritual Being is Zenith not limited to needs like ours

Materialistic lira cars clothes education food homes jobs

Your Spiritual Essence doesn’t beseech it demands

If only this grasping world could fall in love with you

Father God Jehovah you are so “Beautiful”

Your Spirit such Power…Such Majestic

You are everything Solidified in the flesh

You are Existence itself

Lord I don’t care if I am the flesh I don’t care if…

Let God be “true” but every carnal mind a liar I’m Decreeing

Confessing I am in-love with you whether or not my flesh is true

Capable or not! No disrespect to your Sacrifice Christ Jesus

Thank You Hollow be Thy Name Thy will be done…Amen

Forbidden Love


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