Diamond Romance Genre

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Diamond Romance Genre

May I share my expressions with you; are you aware how much your time

Means to me there is no writer without you; you mean the world to me

If you were too busy to read with me how shall my pencil my pen breathe

Again can we talk as I share my expressions with you thank you

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend chocolate her friend until the end

Jewelry sure to please Flowers always the perfect gesture

O…Companion of mine like wine we only get better with time

A story of love…A song of songs…Symphony for the Heart

A Treasure time want steal away…A Masterpiece

Why associate intimacy with shame

Eventually intimacy becomes physical; we are flesh

Though, with me intimacy must also have Spiritual aspects

We have a Spirit, so, for me, intimacy is Metaphysical and Mystical

In other words: meaningful…caresses and kisses should contain divine

Sparks of energy, healing energies, energizing two whole

Imagine lips that soothe like fine wine and intimacy defining time

Sharing secrets of the universe…like…“Satin stares,” I…care

I am your Beloved and you desire to desire me; possess me; ooh you care

Our Heart and Soul will touch our bodies

Intimacy will give a power that extends far beyond any room

Intimate wisdom makes known the most intense private thoughts of you

I get so emotional; remembering your emotions, feeling your brief tides

Your original touch soothes my passions, assuring me you love me as in:

More than anything…As we close, spiritual wholeness compromises us with

Magical delights, as Divine Intelligence pardon our primitive appetites


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