Root Beer! a Great American Original

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Root Beer!

Root beer originated in Northern America. That’s right folks it’s an American original, and personally my favorite. Root Beer is a great American beverage. It’s good for ball games, camping, hanging out with friends, parties and just about anything you can think of.

“Commercially, root beer is produced by pumping carbon dioxide into a sweetened extract of a variety of roots. Traditionally, root beer was bottle-fermented by adding a small amount of yeast to the sweetened extract and sealing the bottle. Bottle fermentation produces the required carbon dioxide, and at the same time, makes a small amount of alcohol (0.4%).” <u>[i]</u> That was copied from Wikipedia. Isn’t that interesting? I mean wow. And I bet you also didn’t know that there are some beer actual beer forms of the popular soft drink.Barqsrootbeer.JPG

There are hundreds of brands of root beer being made every single day in the US, and also in every state. Root Beer is, I believe to be, the best drink in America. December 4th is IRBD, International Root Beer Day! People out there are crazy about Root Beer.

Root Beer’s distinct flavor comes from the bark from the roots of the Sassafras tree.  Historically that is the flavor associated with the great soft drink.  Sassafras bark was banned in the US by the Food and Drug Administration in 1976 because of its carcinogenic properties. This created uproar in the Root Beer loving community. But don’t worry folks because the people now making Root Beer in America use artificial sassafras flavoring along with other ingredients that go well together and produce a good flavor. Even though there are hundreds of brands of Root Beer out there today, most of them don’t have caffeine. Well not to worry ladies and gents because I, your friendly neighborhood redhead, have found the answer to your problem. Barq’s, is one of the brands that I found does have caffeine in it. So for all you college kids who love Root Beer and need caffeinated drinks because of homework, studying, or exams Barq’s brand of Root Beer is your “God-Send”. Hell even Barq’s Root Beer is good enough for the Amish. The Barq’s brand is shipped into rural areas of Pennsylvania. Now both the Amish community and the Mormon community like the brand but they only drink the de-caffeinated version of the soft drink.Dorosh_0004.jpg

From New York to California everyone in America loves Root Beer. The proof of that shows in the fact that we have hundreds of brands and we as a world have an IRBD International Root Beer Day. Root Beer was invented in America and is here to stay.




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