How Eating Affects Your Exercise

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Maintaining a good health is the main purpose of having an exercise. Together with exercise, you should also eat in order to get along with your exercise and everyday tasks. To perform well in your job as well as in your exercise, you should eat the appropriate foods. Even if you are doing cardio or resistance workout, balancing your food intake of carbohydrates and protein is mandatory for you body parts. .

Eating before you do your exercise should be done an hour before you start. 200 calories should be considered if you are only doing low intensity exercise. For high intensity exercise, you should absorb around 4000 to 5000 calories to keep your body in shape.

To avoid the muscles from breaking down during your cardio exercise, you should consume a mix of 2/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein. In resistance exercise, 2/3 protein and 1/3 carbohydrates should p be considered.

When you exercise, your body exerts energy in a from of glycogen. Eating right after you exercise can bring that energy back to your body. Our brain needs glycogen as fuel so replacing it is necessary. After the cardio sessions, you should eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich food specially those with high fibers like rice and oatmeal. Protein is needed to replace the lost energies and to make the muscles grow larger and stronger.

Whether you are having your exercise to keep your body fit or to build muscles, you should keep your body balance by giving back what is taken away during execution. Your body should have a balanced intake of food so that the important parts like the muscles and heart can perform well always.


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