How to improve yourself Physically?

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Hi There!

So this is my first online lesson I would like to share to all of you.

Why did you turn your page here? Is it because you are just curious? Or is it by accident? No matter what your reason, this blog will help you answer the question “How must I look?”



Most of us will define look as appearance much like how we style our hair, match our clothes, and put make-up on. But look is more than plain appearance, It also includes our mannerisms and body languages. And did you know that people likes you mostly by your body language.


Before when I was just new in this field, I do prepare a lot for occasions. For example, I go to the barbershop to have my hair cut, buy new slacks at the local department store, and even have a facial cleaning. And maybe you have done the same thing and even more. And I can remember a time wherein everything was just right but ended badly. Then I asked myself what was wrong with me? I mean I did all that was said in Physical Prep. After several days of thinking, I realized that I was just so focused with how I physically look, and neglected the other aspects of physical

The thing is that we were taught to be physically appealing rather than physically prepared. I am not saying that it is not right to be appealing. But the problem is that when we focus on something too much we tend to forget the other, and we ended crippled. In other words, focus is limiting. Ans so what must we do?



What we must do is to try to know everything. Have you been invited to a party? Let’s say you were invited to attend to a party tomorrow. The first thing that you’ll do is to look for the best fitting dress. When you look for a dress, what do you look for? Do you only look for the prints? Or just pay attention to the color? Your answer may vary. But what is important is the product of you your matching skills. Is the dress matching with your shoes? Does it make me stand out? Is it to soggy? If you just focus to one aspect of your attire, most of the time it doesn’t fit your perfect dress idea. But if you consider carefully the shoes, the ribbon, the tie, the cap, the belt, and more, you’ll get the best dress fir your party. And that is the same thing when you prepare your appearance for any presentation. but how can you possibly know everything you need to know?



AMA is a self-assessment test in three key terms:

  1. Appearance
  2. Mannerism
  3. Action

Appearance pertains to how you dress, style your hair, apply make-up on, and put perfume on. Mannerism pertains to your involuntary reaction to stress like nail biting. And action pertains to your hand gestures, walking, eye contact, and body language.

To start this test, first get a a piece of paper to write on and a pencil. Follow the steps below:

  1. On your paper make a three-column table with the following headings: What do I know? What is wrong with me? What can I do?
  2. Remember your past experiences, better if same setting as to what you are going to do. Try to describe how you look that time, what you do when you get nervous, and how you acted. I suggest that you also get opinion from other people who have been part of that event. Write all of it on the first column (What do I know?).
  3. Then ask yourself “What happened with that time?” Did you get what you want? Where you able to persuade them?
  4. After which, ask yourself “What is wrong with me?”Note: It is easy to see the good when it is good, but hard to admit that there was bad even when there is good. Write all of it on the next column (What’s wrong with me?).
  5. Remember never let your weaknesses take care of you, instead take care of them. And so on the last column, write down all you can think of to make your WRONGS to be RIGHT. I suggest you ask for opinion.

“We need to make our life worth living everyday we wake up. Do not believe you don’t have worth. If not because of you, there will be no you at all.”



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  3. Thank you very much!

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