YouTube: Making it Hard

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Okay, YouTube, it is a great video sharing site, with awesome content. Although it is good for watching videos, at one point, it was actually a good website to make money, as long as you had skill.

For example: back in like 2007, if you made good videos, as long as you put a few good tags, those videos would get spread around, and eventually be on a list (I mean a list like most discussed, or most viewed for today, or something like that).

Now days, YouTube makes it hard for “new” people to get “big”, it seems like the people that already have 300,000 subscribers just keep going up, meanwhile the people with 10,000 subscribers would be lucky if they gained 1,000 subscribers in half a year.

The “lists” I talked about, are now making it difficult to find anyone “small”. To actually find them, you have you go to the top, click on a drop down box, then select “For Today” or something like that, and after that, you have to go to like the 4th page to start seeing people. This is not an easy way to get views, because people just want to go onto this list, find a video, and watch it. Who wants to play around for 10 minutes when it can just be as simple as point, and click?

Also, as time goes by, YouTube continues to make these horrible changes, which makes it very challenging for even someone with good video skills, to get partnership, and to make money on YouTube.

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