How to Achieve the Best Results in Affiliate Marketing

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If you decide to start your own Internet home based business by becoming an affiliate marketer, there are a few important aspects that you need to take into account in order to become successful.

Being an affiliate marketer means that you need to find the potential customers for the products you promote. So you need to come up with a very attractive advertisement to incite peoples’ interest.

Now you need to take into account statistics, too. From all the traffic generated, nearly 80% of the potential customers will not buy anything that you promote at the first visit of the merchant’s web-page.

People need usually more information and time, they need to reassure themselves that they do the right thing when they invest their money into products, over the Internet.

Life is too busy for most of us. Some people think they will revisit your offer, but soon they forget and you lost them as potential customers.

There are some alternatives to improve your sales, and they are many times overlooked:…

1. Create a squeeze page. This means that you need to create a single page web, without links and pretty plain, in which you put very good information about the product you promote. Shape the content of the squeeze page to the customers’ needs.

On that page you urge them to fill in their contact name or email section, so they can proceed to visit the website of the merchant.

2. Entice your potential customers to write down their contact information by offering them some sort of e-gift, such as an e-book related to the product you advertise, or a newsletter.

3. When they followed your suggestion and gave you their contact details, it’s time to show them the landing page of the merchant. By then, they should be pretty prone to buying the product.

4. After the sale, don’t forget about them, keep them informed about what’s new, probably suggesting them a new product to complement the one they bought previously, or sending them another little e-gift. Create an auto-responder to leverage your efforts and keep your customers happy.

There is work involved in any business, but if you work with the proper tools, you get things done efficiently and you see the money you deserve.


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