The unreliable Dodge Caravan

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The brakes were grinding on a 12 month old brand new off the lot vehicle. I brought it in for repair, assuming this is covered under warranty.

Guess what? IT’S not COVERED.

They lied to me and told me that the sound was just the ‘squealer’ indicating the brakes were getting low then told me it was going to be about $90 to repair. I chose to drive it home to repair it myself since I can get parts at a reasonable price.

It turns out that the brakes were completely worn out, and worn out unevenly. The squealer was never reached on the pad so there was no warning. The outside pad, which has no squealer, had worn down to nothing and was grinding on the rotor.

I couldn’t get rotors for my van because they aren’t available. Who manufactures rotors for a one year old vehicle? NO ONE!

I talked about this nonsense to the service manager at my dealer and he was not willing to pay for the repair. After some discussion he agreed to talk to Chrysler and then agree to do the repair for the cost of one rotor at $200. I’m sure the mark up on this part is at least 50%!

So Chrysler is still making money on me!

Chrysler provides no service to anyone. You’ll hear lots of good stuff about Chysler, but I hate the fact that it’s a piece of junk that is falling apart after just over a year!


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