14 Websites for the Welfare of Pets

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Pets are good companions to humans. But training them, finding a good breed of pet and keeping them in healthy and hygienic condition were some bothering problems. All these are no problems anymore. You can solve almost every problem from your home with a single click.

The following websites are designed to solve the problems of pet owners. You can find everything in these websites. Some websites are exclusively designed for entertaining the pets.


Pet-Health.org is an excellent pet care website. You can find information on pet health, pet food, pet pictures and free pet stuff here. You can download pet health software for free with which you can track your pet’s health and keep the personal records of your pet’s medical history. Several blogs are here to chat and share your experiences. The pet care division helps you by providing information on spaying or help with coping with the death of your beloved pet. Many pet products are also available here. This website also offers other services like pet training, pet grooming, pet sitters and veterinary services.


The main mission of Pets911.com is to provide all animals a lifetime, loving home and to inspire the responsible pet ownership. This website helps the people by providing the information on adoption, health and training, lost and found pets, shelter, emergency, veterinarian etc. it is not only a website but also a toll-free number.


Handicappedpets.com is exclusively designed to support the caretakers of elderly, disabled and handicapped pets. If offers all of the products like pet diapers, boots, leg supports and wheel chairs, services and support you need. Here you can find solutions for the problems of your pets. You can join in the community for free. The members can buy, sell or donate products for elderly, disabled and handicapped pets. You can share your pet’s stories here. You can read the articles regarding pets’ health. Another wonderful feature of this website is, it provides list of organizations that provide financial aid for pet caretakers. You can also find a state-by-state listing of facilities that offer handicapped pet rehabilitation services.


Petwebsite.com offers information on dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats and mice. Here you can find articles about pets. In pet forums you can chat and share your feelings about pets. Here many products are available for pets. A pet directory is there to list pet clubs and online store to sell supplies and gifts for pets.


With the motto “We are crazy about pets!” the top priority of Petplace.com is pet’s health and well being. You can find more than 10,000 veterinarian approved articles here and many of them are written by veterinarians. In addition to that, product guides for dogs and cats, information about insurance, photos and videos of cats and dogs are available here. Moreover you can find heart-warming pet stories that can make you laugh, cry and feel good inside.


I-love-dogs.com is exclusively designed for dogs. This website provides information on everything related to dogs like dog health, dog training, dog pictures, dog breeds, dog products, dog recipes, dog supplies etc. it also offers free dog software that includes funny dog related games and dog screen savers.


Pawspot.com is designed to solve the problem of pet sitting. If you register yourself and your pet with this website, and invite your closest pet loving friends, the rest of things this website can take care of. You can exchange pet sitting for free with pet loving friends who you know and trust.


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