Get National Geographic and other Quality Magazines for Next to Nothing

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If you enjoy writing, then no doubt you enjoy reading quality magazines. There are plenty of great magazines what ever your interests, but chances are you might not buy them often because they can be expensive. With the majority of magazines costing upwards of $5 a piece, most people tend to browse through their pages and put them back on the shelf.  So if like me you want to enjoy magazines like National Geographic and Bon Appétit at your leisure, what are your choices.      

  • You could subscribe and of course save money. For example a years subscription of Readers Digest costs about $25, which is cheaper than cover price of $3.99 each. But you might not want to commit to magazine subscriptions.
  • My solution is simple, go to your local library, and ask if they have any issues of your favorite magazines they would be willing to sell you. Library’s often receive donated magazines and often they will have more than one copy of the same issues. Because storage space is always a problem, they may be only to glad to sell you stacks of old magazine’s at bargain bucket prices.
  • You may even be able to get them for free. I recently bought three large stacks, about 60 issues of Bon Appetit and Reader Digest for $5. Granted some of the issues did date back to the 1990’s but those old issues can often be more interesting, as they are like time capsules, their subject matter being evocative of days gone bye.
  • Another way of reading magazines is to use  digital media sites such as; They have free eBooks’ and you will find free subcriptions of old as well as new magazines.       

And assuming you have purchased magazines from your local library, when you are finished with them, return them to your library and be a good neighbor. They will certainly take them back. So happy magazine hunting and let the cycle continue, “periodically”    


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