How to lose weight on the *First Date Diet*

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We all want to look and feel our very best for that very special ‘First Date’.

We all know that first impressions are so important so, we go out and spend a fortune on new clothes, shoes, haircuts and everything else to look good and we want it all to fit together perfectly.

But we’re bloated, we feel lousy and our skin is blemished so, what do we do?

If your date is in the next 3 to 5 days and you want a quick fantastic fix then I have the perfect diet that will help you lose up to 10 pounds, eliminate bloating and take inches off your waist line plus clear up your skin and elevate your mood.

Follow these tips starting 3 to 5 days before and by the time your special date is here you’ll feel alive, full of energy and ready for the best time in your life:


This step is the most important step to making this diet successful so pay close attention.

The morning of the first day you’re going to totally cleanse your entire system.

Buy from your local Drug Store one 4oz bottle of Castor oil.

Drink the entire 4 oz bottle of Castor oil on an EMPTY stomach.

Make sure you have a lime or lemon to munch on right after you drink to help mask the bad taste.

The idea is to get the Castor oil down as quick as possible. If you decide to mix the oil with another liquid it’s just that much more liquid that you’ll have to gag down, this stuff is really nasty tasting.

30 to 45 minutes after you drink the oil you will feel that you have to go to the bathroom. Folks, you may want to take part of the day off from work and stay home or at least be close to a bathroom because you are about to eliminate waste like you’ve never done before. This process alone will help you lose up to 5 pounds of old waste.

You must allow your system to run its course through the day so avoid any foods for several hours on the first day after drinking the oil.
You can drink lots of water, tea or black coffee throughout the first day and each day after that.

Castor oil has many health benefits that help with, skin disorders, acne, stomach problems, headaches, muscle pains and many other medicinal purposes.

It’s a powerful laxative that will clean your colon, liver, kidney and spleen.


This is a short term and low calorie diet. Avoid raw vegetables and foods that give you gas, bloat you or clog up your system. Eat at least 3 to 4 small quality meals.

Steamed veggies are OK. If you get too hungry then you can snack on a few raw almonds or slice of apple

Day 1

Breakfast: 1 tsp of peanut butter /1 hard boiled or poached egg / 1 slice of dry toast / half a grapefruit or grapefruit juice.

Lunch: ½ cup of tuna / half a grapefruit or banana.

Dinner: 1 slice of turkey / half cup of melon / 1cup of steamed carrots.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 boiled or poached egg / 1 slice dry toast / half of grapefruit

Lunch: half cup of pasta with olive oil / half of a grapefruit

Dinner: grilled chicken breast / steamed cauliflower / cup of melon

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 apple / 1 slice of dry toast

Lunch: half cup of pasta with olive oil or chicken noodle soup / half cup of tuna or grilled chicken / banana

Dinner: grilled chicken / steamed carrots and beats / cup of melon

Repeat if longer than 3 days.


By the time your special day arrives you should weigh less and feel lighter, be full of energy, have clearer skin and appear radiant and alive.

This is also the perfect opportunity for you to continue to maintain good eating habits and continue to strive to live a healthy life style.

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