How to Cut Costs on your Phone Bill

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Many times we do not realize how much we could be saving on our telephone bills. With so many choices and options as well as alternative means to calling, you can cut costs quite easily.

Shop for better rates. There is so much competition now so do a little research on calling plans and write down details so you can refer to them. When calling companies be sure to let them know what their competitor offers especially your current company as they may not want to lose your business.

Use 800#’s where possible. Many companies you purchase from or do business with have an 800#. If you do not have their number you can call Directory Assistance at (800) 555-1212 for their listing.

Faxes and Emails are cheaper than phone calls. There is no hold time and you have information in writing as well.

Avoid playing “phone tag” with long distance calls as it can add up. Some log distance plans have call minimums.

When traveling watch out for extra fees that will be charged if you use the phone in the room. Try using a pre-paid calling card or if you have roaming on your cell phone use it instead.

Cable companies are now offering packages that include cable, internet, and phone which may result in savings


Try to get Long Distance in your plan as well to save on costs

Be sure to get your plan in writing either by email, fax, or mail

Cable Companies use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which means you are actually doing your voice communications over the internet and is not an actual “land-line”. You will want to be sure this will work for you. If you do any work from home that is contracted such as data entry etc. they may require an actual land-line phone.


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