Mylot: A site that is lots of fun

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A friend of mine recommended that I try this new site a few days ago. Well, the site probably isn’t all that new it is simply new to me. It’s called Mylot and I did end up joining.

It is actually quite a fun site. You can join in conversations on topics of interest such as politics, money, relationships, life in general, and even dogs. People present a topic and you can agree or disagree, tell a story, whatever.

You can also start your own conversation if you so desire. Right now I have been content to simply comment on the topics others have come up with.

What’s more you can even get a penny for your thoughts as you can earn money for being active on the site. Though, the money is not what made me join it was the chance to get to hear other peoples opinion on things and express my own.

However, if you seriously want to make money using this site, they have several ways to do this. By joining conversations as I mentioned, by performing tasks, by adding friends, and by using a referral link to get more people to join the site.

You have to reach ten dollars before the money is transferred to your paypal account, and unless you are really active that could take awhile. I am averaging about 5 cents a day, though like I said I have not been really active on the site.

I usually spend a half and hour or so, just browsing through the topics and commenting here and there. There are people on the site that talk about good payouts but they seem to spend a lot of time on there.

Just like any other money making site, the pay depends on the amount of effort you put into it.

No matter whether you join for the money or simply to make new friends and have a little conversation it is a fun site and worth checking out.


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