God in our schools

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I have never been so angry. I was raised in a Christian home and up until my senior year in school I went to a private school, I belonged to three youth groups, and two churches. I thought long and hard about writing this peice, feeling I may just look at things in a biased way, but this has gone way to far.

When I was a seniot in high school it didn’t matter if kids bought a Bible to school or prayed before they ate. Some other kids may have looked at them strange but it was not frowned upon. We even had Christmas and Easter breaks, do you remember them?

Over the years they have removed God from our schools in almost every way. We now have winter and sping break because Christmas and Easter are concidered a religious holiday. You are not permitted to pray or bring a Bible to school because our society today takes offense to something they know nothing about. They have even tried to change the pledge of allegiance because it says “one nation under God.” Today however was the straw that broke the camels back.

My son was told he was going to be suspended if he wore his cross necklace again! Why you might ask because I sure did. The answer is simple really it is a gang sign. Do you believe that! since when is showing a slight sign of your faith make you affliated with a gang?

Maybe we should have not ever taken God out of our schools. What harm did learning or expessing your beliefs do to anyone? When i was going to school, even public school, there was no worries of school shootings or bombings. Do I think taking God out of schools has mad things worse? Not necassarily. But some kids need to feel accepted even if it is by a “higher being”. I think that telling them what they believe will not be accepted is very wrong. Telling a child that you are affliated with a gang because you wear a religious symbol is going way to far.

In private school things are just like high school except that it is smaller and that you are free to express your religion. There are still drugs, gangs, cliques, even kids that go to juvinille detention, but you are never told that you can not believe in something or you couldn’t wear something because it might offend someone. You ere actually aloud to be yourself.

Back to the cross is a gang symbol. maybe I am wrong but I got all my kids crosses, they are not huge or goudy, just a simple gold cross and I told my children they are aloud to wear them, and if the schools have a problem with it to call me. Not only is this wrong in more ways than one it is discriminating and I for one am putting my foot down. I let enough things be controlled in my childrens lives by a system that is out of control and it will stop here. I have to watch what colors my kids wear to school, if they have hoodies on and this year thay have gone as far as to say that the back packs with the thick shoulder straps are not allowed. They have to have the ones with ropes strapes I will be damned if I will allow them to tell my kids that they are in a gang because they have a small gold cross on. What happenend to freedom of speech and religion?

Maybe I should not be as upset as i am but really a cross? I have two boys who have crosses tattooed on their arm does that make them gang leaders? What is so wrong with God or Whoever your higher being may be anyway? I knock no religion, I have no right to say who is right and who is wrong but why should we give anyone the power to take away our constitional right?  


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