Can Fear Hinder Us?

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Throughout our lives we will come across fear in one form or another. There is something in life that we are all afraid of whether it be spiders, snakes, heights, the dark or failure, everyone has a fear of something at some point in their life. Sometimes we get over our fears, other times we don’t and our fears can keep us from achieving some of the things we hope to achieve in this life. Sometimes we allow our fears to come in the way of things, in the way of achieving our goals. What we need to realize is in order to achieve our life’s purpose we need to face our fears and overcome them.

We are not as invincible as we think we are and that scares us so we run from our fears, we run from not knowing where the future will take us. We figure out that we are not as all powerful as we may think we are and we get scared of the unknown, so we don’t even try to strive for our dreams. We reach a plateau become content with that and then sit there for years before attempting to more on, or we just stay there for the rest of our lives. Our fears come in the way of our dreams and when we realize there is a possibility of not reaching those dreams we run scared from them. Sometimes our dreams include doing something that involves a fear we have, but we need to push past them and strive for what we want out of life.

In her book On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kubler Ross said something like “In our minds we cannot distinguish between wish and deed.” When it comes to our fears we cannot distinguish between what we wish we can do and what we actually do. Our fears tend to blind us from being able to distinguish between the two.  Elisabeth Kubler Ross also states in her book that “our strongest wishes are not powerful enough to make the impossible possible.” There are times throughout our lives that we simply wish we could accomplish our goals, we wish we could move past our fears, but as Kubler-Ross said our strongest wishes are not powerful enough to simply make our fears go away. We need to face them and deal with them so that we can achieve our goals and if we move past those fears to the next step in our goal then we could be stronger to deal with other fears farther down the road. It is impossible to will our fears away, we need to come to terms with them and face them if we want to go anywhere with our dreams. We cannot simply plateau and stay where we are simply because we are afraid of something that stands in our way. We allow our fears to come in the way of the things we want in life.

Paolo Coelho talks about fear throughout his novel “The Alchemist” as well. At one point he states “We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or our possessions and property.” Too often we become afraid that if we went after our life’s purpose that we would lose the things that we already have. That is why when we plateau and things are going good, we are content at staying there instead of trying to go farther. We are afraid that if we try to move forward that it is possible to lose what we have already gain and succeeded.  We think of things that could go wrong and allow those “maybes” to interrupt what we view as important in our lives. The “maybes” and “what ifs” feed our fears and we plateau.

How can we achieve what we are meant to if we allow our fears to overwhelm us?  Farther on in his book Coelho says “people are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them,or that they’ll be unable to achieve them.” I think the second part is the most true. People are more afraid to pursue their dreams because of the fear of possibly not being able to achieve them. Sure the thought of not achieving our dreams is in everyone’s head, as is that fear, but should we allow that to come in the way of actually going after our important goals? Other times we think that it is possible that for some reason or another that we do not
deserve to achieve our life’s purpose, so we give up or stay where we are. We allow our fears to hinder what we do in life.  Fear is one of those things in life that can either help us get  farther in life, or it can hinder us. Nine times out of ten it hinders us. Fear grips us and cripples us from walking forward sometimes. Fear over the future can be overcome with hope for the future. We look at the good things that could come from achieving the goals we set for ourselves and see where we can be if we strive for what we want in life. Soon the fears we have dwindle and fade away replaced with excitement and anticipation of achieving our life’s purpose. When we try to replace our fears with feelings of goodness, hope, excitement we are driven to achieve the goals we want to achieve.

Fear is one of those things that will always happen in life and it is up to us on how we deal with that fear. Do we allow it to hinder us from achieving our goals, or do we use it as something that motivates us to prove our fears wrong.


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