How to be prepared for college

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Going to college is a big step and an exciting time for many. Knowing what to do is key for getting in succesfuly and being prepared for the first day of college.

In your junior year, explore all the possibilities of what you’re gonna major in and what schools have that major or are nearby. If you don’t know what you’re going to study, pick a college that you like overall. VIsit the colleges your intrested in. Take AP classes or classes that give credit for college. This way you have one class to not pay for. Make sure the credits can transfer to your college you wish to go to.

In Your senior year, apply for college. Write down all the colleges. Make sure you can afford it or have financial aid for it. File your FAFSA (short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before January or February in order to get your financial aid pakages from the colleges that you get accepted to. Also, apply for as many scholarships as you can, you never know if you get a chance to win.

You then have to wait for the responses from the colleges, usually in form of a letter they tell you if you were accepted or not. Do not be discourage when you didnt get accepted.

When you get accepted to your college, you need to go to their orientation for new students, this way you will get familiar with the college. Follow their deadlines and procedures.


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