Definition of Migration

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According to, migration is (according to my understanding):

  1. the process or act of migrating
  2. a migratory movement: preparations for the migration
  3. a number or body of persons or animals migrating together

Recently I went to a couple of church trainings and conferences here in the Bay Area, which were all concerning the Christians’ need to migrate, in order to build up more churches around the world. There is no need to migrate far, it could be just the next town with a college campus.

Then I came across a book by Watchman Nee, titled “Messages Given During The Resumption of Watchman Nee’s Ministry.” Chapter 34 is appropriately titled “Migration” is all about Christians’ migration.

Let me quote some of the main points which I am finally “kinda” starting to understand and have a feel for:

God’s People Being Sojourners on Earth

God’s spiritual people are a group of people who are constantly on the move on earth. This was the way with the Israelites in the Old Testament. They were not settled in a fixed place. Rather, they moved around. We are a people who are called by a heavenly calling (Heb. 3:1, 9); we do not belong to the earth. Today, God has called us. We are but sojourners on the earth. The Bible says that we are the heavenly citizens. Our commonwealth exists in the heavens (Phil. 3:20). In the Old Testament, Abraham was called to leave Ur of Chaldea to go to the place that God had prepared for him and to serve Him there. He moved from one place to another, and he was a sojourner on earth (Heb. 11:8-9). A sojourner is a person whose heart is always on the move; he has no heart to settle down. This is how Christians should be—they should be like the Israelites.

The Christian Way Being to “Go”

Today, however, how many saints are going? What God wants us to do is something that has not been done before, and that is migration. The Bible shows us that we “come” to receive grace, and we “go” to serve. In the Bible, there are many “comings.” Many of us should circle these “comings” with a red pen. But the Bible also speaks of “going.” The last chapter of Matthew speaks of “going.” The first chapter of Acts also speaks of “going.” By Acts 28, the “going” had only gone as far as Rome; it was not completed yet. The gospel went from Rome to Europe, then across the Pacific, and finally to the east coast of China.

Although the gospel has come to the East, it was difficult for the Westerners to spread the gospel to the interior of China. Man likes to settle in a place. Some families have been living here in Swatow for over a century. Their living revolves around this place. Their children are born here, they die here, and they are buried here. Everything is set. I hope that some would go to Tibet for the Lord’s sake. When we “come,” we drop the earth. When we “go,” we take up heaven. This is the way of the Christian.

The Need for a Revived Living

God’s children should be a “moving” people; they should not be a “staying” people. They should go to the frontier lands. Man cares for human relationships, and he is reluctant to move. If we will not do this for the Lord, who else will do it? In order to practice this, first we must recover the preaching of the gospel, and we must have a revived living. After this, we should migrate out.

Migration Being Likened to a Relay Race

Whenever the Lord gives us the leading, and whenever there is the opportunity, these ones would migrate out. Today, we need a group of pioneers. When a person moves out, he is really dropping everything. In Shanghai we have about a thousand brothers and sisters. We should have over fifty million dollars in offerings every month. In Chefoo, the more the saints migrated, the more people we saw added to the church. In preaching the gospel, there is the need of stations. This is like a relay race. The Westerners have sent the gospel to the coastal regions of China. Today, we have to carry the gospel from the coastal regions to the interior regions. The Westerners cannot open the door of the gospel in the interior regions. Today, however, God will open this door through us.

Are you living a revived living, a vital living? Are you ready to to move for His gospel whenever being called upon?

Is my wife and I ready to move to another city instantly? Well, I guess I better start by cleaning out my garage and throwing out all the junk I have accumulated since I came to the States in 1993…


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