4 Steps to enhance Personal Quality

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Personal qualities are personal characteristics of an individual. They are what make up one’s personality. They help a person get along in a new situation. Personal quality propels a chain reaction of quality improvements within an organization. Higher personal quality leads to improved work performance, good interpersonal relationships and better job satisfaction. It also helps to create a positive first impression. There are 4 main steps for enhancing personal quality shown below:-


1.Determining Current Personal Quality Level

– The important thing is to determine your current personal attributes, human relations skills and your work performance. Identify the gaps between your actual level of personal quality and the desired level of personal quality.

2. Formulating Personal Quality Action Plan

– Formulate your personal quality action plan. In this step, try to establish your personal quality goals and determine the various action steps to attain them. Your personal quality goals should be specific, verifiable, realistic and time bounded. Specify the action steps you need to take to attain it. Place time frame on your action steps. Target it in reliable time.

3. Taking Action

– Execute your plan. Focus your attention on attaining your predetermined personal quality goals. Manage your time successfully and avoid time wasting. Do the action based on priority. Maintain your discipline and consistency. Never give up and keep on trying until you succeed.

4. Monitoring Progress

– Review progress towards attainment of your personal quality goals. If you are not success, then take the corrective action to get back on the right track. Readjust your goals according to changing circumstances.


That is the main steps to enhancing your personal quality. You must have high self-esteem to enhance your personal quality. It empowers to attain desired goals and to respond positively to challenges in life.

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