Why Do-It-Yourself?

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Well, people have many reasons. Some would like the satisfaction of doing a project beginning to end in their own style (we’ll get to that later) or perhaps they’re one of those people who just don’t trust anyone to do it “right”. Or may be the challenge of trying something new, but some of the most common reasons are time, money, and hassle. Time – because looking for someone to do the work is not always so easy. Most good painters are booked up many months ahead. Money – (if you have of money skip to the next paragraph) paying anyone to do work for you today is expensive. It is sometimes hard to justify the cost for one room if you are working on a tight budget. Now sometimes dealing with the hassle in hiring someone.

First, do you trust them? You better if you are planning to let them in your home or let’s say you want them to start on a Monday, but they want to start on Friday. Also, consider what do you do without that room until they are done? Not all painter’s are like this of course, but if you thought about painting and it’s just not for you then it’s a good idea to call a professional. Before you get in over your head with trying to find someone, the local paint stores are a good place to start. Just be prepared to do some interviewing.

Let’s look at the other side of it for a moment. By doing it yourself, you have the freedom to work at your own pace, on weekends or evenings or whenever. You will probably want to try different samples of colors to see what you like or do not like. May be you would like to try different styles on each wall; you can without having endless meetings with a painter trying to get him or her to see your vision of the room. Does the wall paint pick up the green in the pillows? They probably don’t care after two hours of talking about it, but you still do. Most all paint jobs, big or small are made up of details. It is not always the big things that impress people; it’s the details from sanding the walls to removing the cover plates. Have I convinced you? Now that you have decided to do the work yourself, good for you!


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