How to Keep your Friendships Alive

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It just takes time and remembering your friends, which is not hard (they are your friends). Alot of my friends I consider family. We plan vacations together, talk, write, send gifts, send cards and email. Being there for each other through thick and thin is the most important thing in friendships. My favorite quote came from a charm I saw in Holland, Michigan. It reads “Friends walk in when the world walks out. This is true with family too. I consider my husband one of my best friends also. My family is very important friends as well. You only get one family and having friendships like mine for forty five years is great. Life is what you make of it without family and friends it is empty. I say love often, laugh out loud and live. I have a good friend of mine who is always saying “Life is Good”. It is and staying in contact with your friends is so important. Take time to listen, support them and contact them often. No one wants to be alone and we all need family and friends in our lives. Honesty is important so with family and friends be honest. They will still love you no matter what happens in most cases and if they don’t you will find out just how true your friends and family are. My four friends which I have had for forty five years from high school, two of us live in the same state and the other two are out of state. We still keep in touch all the time no matter were we are. That is how you keep your friendships alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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