What are Slatwall Fixtures?

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  • Slatwall units and panels are used in retail stores to create a versatile and eye catching display.
  • The Slatwall fixtures and units fit well into all types of retail environments and when using the corresponding Slatwall accessories any store will be able to create endless display possibilities.
  • Slatwall shelving and Gridwall displays and accessories are unique, fun and compelling and will be the reason your store will become any customers favorite place to shop. The specialty displays for golf, skiing, computer security and diving come in metal and Lucite.
  • Slatwalls are durable, easy-to-mount and install and are usually lightweight, and are used for wall display panels.  Slatwall horizontal panels which are 3 inches apart from each other can easily be cut to make any form of display for a variety of retail outlets.

The Slatwall panel display which comes in a variety of textures and colors is the industry’s most used retail fixture for display. The grooves of these Slatwall panels allow fast movement and adjustment of Slatwall shelves and are also used in acrylic displays.

There are also free standing Slatwall fixtures on the retail floor and are either made from a chrome finish or Slatwall paneling.  Some of these display fixtures come in H-Display or as Cube Units, and are available in a maple color or white. All the display panels come unassembled so as to be lightweight for shipping purposes.

The Slatwall panels are composed of medium density fiberboard material. Dimensions of most Slatwall panels are 48 inches X 96 inches X ¾ inches in thickness with grooves that can be used as a display or installed on a store wall.

Many Slatwall displays are also used in home-offices and home-garages, laundry rooms and pantries.  With these Slatwalls there are quite a few accessories such as slat boxes, Slatwall hooks, shelves and baskets.

Standard Slatwalls weigh 80 pounds without the inserts and 100 pounds with the inserts. They are extremely heavy when assembled and it takes two people to carry them from a truck to the retail store for some assembly.

The standard accessories for Slatwall are used when upgrading a home or modernizing an outdated store display.  These accessories are such items as:  Slatwall shelves, hooks and waterfalls.

The retail vision and goal should be to create a store that looks great and sells a lot, yet keeping within budget!


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