Helpful Advice on Starting Your Interior Painting Projects

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It can be hard to “see” what someone is talking about when it comes to how to ideas. Therefore, I picked a 12′ by 15′ bedroom, with an 8′ ceiling and two windows and a door and closet as a model. But before we jump into that, let’s talk about you for a moment. And things to consider before opening the first can of paint, like hats, I feel you should use them even if they’re only the little paper ones the paint stores give out because no one likes painted hair. It is also a good idea to try to use the same old clothes every time you paint. Wash them, don’t wash them or just put them on over your other clothes because not everything you own needs to have paint on it. This goes for shoes too. Dress comfortably, because despite the season you happen to be painting in, painting is hot work, you are moving around a lot. Besides, painting is humid work, what I mean is especially in small rooms the humidity level goes up as the water evaporates from the paint through the drying.

In addition, trying to paint when you feel tired is not a good idea; it can be unsafe and by the way, you’re not going to do as good of a job as you would if you were rested. Right? Because eventually in the end you’re the one that will have to live with the job when the job is finished. Cutting corners when you are tired will not cut it. Did I really write that?

I want you to walk through the room happy with yourself and your work and not with some thought such as “I liked it better before” or “I just can’t paint”. Yes, you can!

Air, well it is just there. Just some words on this before we move on. Painting in a well-ventilated area or room is necessary for two good reasons. One because it becomes a safety issue as paint dries it releases toxins into the air, and in a small room air can become saturated with the toxins that you breathe in which is not good. So open a window and put a fan in it to bring some fresh air in. If it happens to be 2 degrees out, then open a window and put a fan in the doorway to bring fresh air in from a separate part of the house. When the whole house is being painted if there’s two windows in the room, open one about 1/4″ and put the fan in the other window drawing out the paint fumes. No, it is not a good idea to just draw the fumes out because it does not change the level of toxins in the room. We must dilute them so we have more fresh air in the room than toxins. Two, which is simple, the paint will not dry. I should say not at an acceptable rate.

Now, you’re the boss on this job, so try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to take breaks to get a drink, or to just stand back and see where you are at on-the-job. It helps from becoming bored with it too soon. Other suggestions are plug-in a radio or better yet get someone to help you. This will also make it more enjoyable. You know doing the job right is important, but having a little fun at it is too. Let’s face it anything your going to do is going to be work. Painting or anything else, starting in the right mood is important. Do not think that you need to get the whole project done in one day; besides the first coat will not even be dry well enough for a second coat.

I say this because trying to coat over a wet or damp paint only leads to problems because of a problem called solvent entrapment, and this causes paint failure, so don’t rush it. If you go about it like this you will soon feel overwhelmed and won’t even want to start. It is better to decide on what would be possible to accomplish and set aside the time to do that, which is a practical goal. If you only have three hours available on Thursday night to work on it, only paint what you feel can be done in that time. That’s, what it is about.

In big contracting to paint a small room, painting like other finishing trades must completed in stages. And each stage leads to the next until your finished. Once you learn this life will get a lot easier. Jumping around will not work; it only leads to wasted time and money both we can’t afford. Most people jump around because they get bored. I know it can get boring, mostly at times when you are painting alone.


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