Treating Asthma with Colloidal Silver

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Asthma is an upper respiratory disease that subjects the lungs to inflammation while reducing oxygen in the lungs. Deadly asthma problems comes with environmental pollutants, food allergies, climate triggers, and overexertion during exercise. Asthma is a serious lung disease and when a person does not get enough oxygen into the lungs for proper breathing.

Currently, the American Lung Association has not found a cure for asthma but current treaments are successful at managing asthma symptoms. Asthma is most commonly treated with Bronchodilators andantiinflammatory medication. Asthma prevention involves avoiding asthma triggers and taking preventative medication as needed.

With an ever growing popularity of holistic treatments and natural cures, asthmatics are seeking out natural remedies to counteract their frequent asthma symptoms. Silver cures are said to be highly effective among many asthma suffers as it can reduce the number of asthma symptoms that have.

Facts about Silver Supplements

Throughout time, colloidal silver have been used for medicinal purposes in order to cure common health ailments. Colloidal silver is ionic silver that has liquid suspension properties with 99.9% of pure silver. Colloidal silver should only be used as an anti-bacterial and germicide for treatment of certain medical problems.

In 1999, colloidal silver sellers were prohibited by the US Food and Drug Association because colloidal silver could not claim any “therapeutic or preventive value.” The benefits of colloidal silver, however, have early made an impact asthmatics. The FDA now allows for colloidal silver to be sold as a healthy supplement with general “structure function” claims.

Colloidal Silver Benefits in Asthmatics

Colloidal silver supplements are used to treat people with asthma. The National Jewish Medical Research group is studying colloidal silver and its anti-bacterial benefits that can kill bacterial in the lungs of asthmatic patients. The study confirms that a bacterium does cause lung dysfunction in asthmatics and therefore, colloidal silver supplements can be a breakthrough in fighting off those bacteria.

Most asthmatics can agree that colloidal silver supplements are their natural remedy of choice. Unlike prescription drugs, colloidal silver has little to no side effects and all natural. Mesosilver is a popular colloidal silver supplement that acts as an antibacterial for people suffering with asthma symptoms. Said to be the most effective on the market, Mesosilver promises not to interfere with other medications. As of date, no side effects have been reported with Mesosilver.

Colloidal silver is not recommended as a substitute for anti-inflammatory medications that are used to treat asthma attacks. Colloidal silver, if taken in addition to bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory medications, can interfere with the effectiveness of the prescription drug during an asthma attack. Colloidal silver has only been reported to prevent and ease asthma symptoms on a daily basis.


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