Makes No Sense

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People make me angry.
I speak my mind all the time.
I show respect but not when one neglects.
Our  children are so important.
That is why we taught them.
First of all we have to teach them to crawl and walk then they must talk.
Teach them their ABC’s and 123’s.
Your child shouldn’t get D’s in the second grade or any age.
No matter how must they know how to fight.
They must know how to read and write.
It makes no sense for a child to get left back especially when they are just starting out.
So, I must shout.
At that age it’s the parents who slacked.
That is where you must take the blame.
It is a shame.
My child is in the same grade.
Them cards that was being dealt , would not have gotten played.
In fact, he Aced it in the second grade on top of that  received A student Of The Year Award.
I am proud of mine.
That is why I must make this sound.
That is just something that won’t fade.
Parents you have to take the blame.
I know we all have our different ways but in this day age.
When it comes to education and our children.
We all should be on the same page.
When your child is young,  it may seem like fun.
To watch them get older,  and with you they seem colder.
Take the Blame.
You had your chance it went and came.
Again, Take the blame.
Make it better, sit down with your child make sure they learn.
You will earn, the respect that is do.
You are they first role model, this is true.
Don’t be a fool, send your child to school.
Make sure their homework is done not only did they do it.
Make sure they understand.
Let them know in life they must have a plan.
If you are a parent, let’s make better choices then our parents.
Love our children because they deserve it.
Let them also know no-ones perfect.
All parents can do is make sure they give and do their best.
Everything in life is a test.
Let’s get and keep them going now.
They will figure out the rest.


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