7 Keys To A Healthy Heart

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1. Stop smoking- Smoking takes all your Vitamin C away, so you are wide open to colds, the flu, coughs.  It is also very harmful to your health and carries you into the pathway of many diseases.

2. Keep your heart at peace with yourself and with others- situations and life can bring stress, but you need things to keep stress level down- do not let your fear and worry overwhelm you, love yourself, encourage yourself. Also, keep unforgiveness and resentment away from your heart, forgive and let go.

3. Use Pomegranate. It  protects and prevents heart disease, improving cardiovascular health and excellent for lowering cholesterol and lowering high blood pressure. Studies have shown that one glass of pomegranate juice daily improves blood flow to the heart. It is also works great in fighting and preventing cancer.

Their juices come in these five wonderful flavors; Regular Pomegranate, POM Cherry, POM Blueberry, POM Tangerine and POM Mango. The iced tea flavors are Pomegranate Black Tea, Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea, Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea and Pomegranate.

You can use the seeds of fresh pomegranate fruit when baking muffins, desserts, in a fruit salad or any vegetable salad, in your cereal, waffles, pancakes and in creating sauces.

4. Take Coenzyme Q10 supplement

5.  Flaxseed-  it is full of fiber, omega- 3 and omega-6, it does your heart a lot of good.  It can strengthen the immune system, benefit the reproductive system, improve cardiovascular system by preventing arteries from being hardened and it also maintains the nervous and circulatory systems.You take flaxseed, either the capsules or tablespoon of flaxseed oil.  Find it at any supermarket in the vitamin section. You can use flaxseed oil with olive oil as a dressing over your salad. There is also ground flaxseed which be added to  salads, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, vegetables and be used when baking muffins and in pancake batter.

6. Exercise at least three times for the week-  brisk walking, walking up and down the stair 20 times, jumping jacks, riding a bike, working out at the gym, treadmill, aerobics, some physical activity- basketball, tennis, swimming, etc.,

7.  Eat oatmeal in the mornings and use it in your muffins and cookie.


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