How to behave when your nerves give up

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 In such situations when we lose control on ourselves there is a danger of loosing what we have gained for years just in a second. This can be either a job or relationship, or friendship or whatever.

IN such cases is important to be able to control ourselves for our own benefit and take the helm of the situation in our hands just to avoid being called a “mentally unstable “person or someone  with whom no one wants to have any relation.

Here are some tips that I would like to share with you.  I practice them very often  and they help me a lot to avoid unpredicted behavioral situations, to calm down and control myself.

So, what to do when you feel that you are getting angry or nervous and are loosing control on yourself?

  1. Stop thinking of the situation or object, person that makes you angry or nervous and start counting from one to ten and vice versa.
  2. Start singing one of your favorite cheerful tunes in your mind for a few minutes whenever you feel that you are going to shout at somebody.
  3. Try to remember a funny situation or an anecdote that makes you laugh. Laughter is a good remedy for nervous mind.
  4. Take a few pieces of paper and go to your room or somewhere where nobody can see or disturb you and start tearing to pieces or crumpling the paper, just do  whatever you like more.
  5. Go to a gym and train your body as hard as you can.
  6. If you have a park amusement near by don’t loose your chance to go and take roller coaster and scream, or yell as much as you want. Screaming is good for getting rid of negative emotions.
  7. You can also go to a disco or organize a discotheque at home just for you and dance crazy dances.
  8. And the last but a very effective method that can calm you down is just going to the church and praying and meditating in the calm and awesome atmosphere of the church.

Try what ever is closer to your heart and get rid of your anger.

Wishing you good luck.


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