Why Co-Pilot Bikes Are a Good Choice For Bike Trips

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Have you ever had a chance to look into other modes of transportation when your traveling with your family members? Bike riding is a great way to get out and enjoy bonding time with your family while getting some exercise. Co-pilot bikes allow you to take great rides when your kids are old enough to want to pedal, too, but still too young to be trustworthy on the road.

Co-pilot bikes are specially built to attach to an adult bike for you to be able to enjoy bike riding with your child as your tandem partner. The second, smaller bike can be attached to your bike, or detached and folded when not in use. It is comfortable to use and will not compromise the safety of your child when you are going on a road trip.

Aside from safety, there are a lot of reasons why a co-pilot bike is a good choice when it comes to family bike rides, road trips and fun. These bikes allow you to spend some time with your child and go on longer rides. Even if your kid ends up too tired to pedal back home, it’s not a problem, they can just coast along on your power. Being so close is also great for chatting as you ride and you don’t need to worry about kids veering into traffic or falling behind or even going too far ahead.

Another great reason to use a co-pilot bike is that you are teaching your child to live a healthy lifestyle by adding this cardiovascular exercise in his or her routine. Biking can definitely help enhance your child’s physical activity, as well as your own, something that most families could use these days.

Now, when it comes to storage, you will not have to worry about where to keep your co-pilot bike. Most of these bikes can be folded and stored in any place, without having to take too much space from your garage compared to other bike. You can safely store the bike until the time that you may need to use it again for traveling or for fun. Even those that don’t fold are fairly small and can be tucked away in the garage without worry.

Parents, children, grandparents, and everybody in the family can definitely enjoy using a co-pilot bike. If you’re looking for easier ways to get out and about with your children who are too big for bike seats, then this is a great option.


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