Writing Online Articles (Triond) 101

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Triond is a website that allows writers to upload content and split revenue 50-50 on Ads. Currently 8 views will make you about 1 cent. Now what stops spammers from simply writing crap they got from another site and getting a bunch of 8 view articles; Well when you submit to Triond editors will read your article and will approve/reject and will give you tips on how to change it.

So you are probably thinking “wow this is a scam” or “wow, i can write good crap and get rich.”

Well Triond is no scam, it publishes articles to over Thirty-Five partner sites allowing you to reach your audience and make cash at the same time. For the other thing your thinking, yes and no. Because you can write horrible articles and still get published, but probably no one will like it or comment on it and that brings in some serious cash.


So what are some good topics to write about?

Out of anything that I’ve ever written for this website, the most viewed would be an article about creating a steady online income.
Fun Fact: <u>Over 60%</u>of the people reading this searching something about Online Income.

What happens if you run out of ideas?

Well guess what, Triond loves you because they give a topic suggestions based on the most searched phrase on the Internet/Triond/partner sites.
Simply click submit an article -> Click on Topic Suggestions.


Is Triond Right For Me?

Well, why don’t you look and see, you can get paid as long as you earn over 50 cents & its free!


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