Stress Free Christmas Shopping

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Christmas shopping can be fun and enjoyable without the hassle and stress.

1.  Write out a list of all the people you have in mind of getting a present to- friends, family members, relatives, nieces, nephews, your parents and in-laws, co-workers, boss, neighbors.  Keep this list in your purse or wallet for use while you are out shopping. Do not let the list overwhelm you, it is a simple reminder of what you need to do. 

2. Make a budget of how much you plan to spend on each gift. – you do not want to get in debt over Christmas gifts, but do not be cheap either.

3. Write down possible gift ideas. If you have problems coming up with gift ideas, look through catalogs, store flyers, internet and certain online sites, talk to friends.  If you still are stuck and can’t come with anything for a particular person or a family, give gift cards.

4. Make a list of possible stores to purchase gifts from or make things easy by doing some shopping online from Ebay, Amazon,,,, or any of your favorite online store.  Shopping online prevents you from the crowds and saves you time and gas. It is less stressful.

5. Get on board with the latest sales- Go online and check weekly ads for what is on sale. Don’t wait for December to come around, to shop at the last minute.

6.  If it is a family you are shopping, depending on your budget, you do not have to give every member a gift.  You give the parents one main gift for them and the kids something else.  Or you give a family gift for them, such as family scrapbook. 

7. Don’t see Christmas shopping as heavy burden, but enjoy thinking of others by giving a gift to appreciate them and show them how you feel.


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