Fire Stone

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Topaz is a durable gemstone and symbol of fidelity and friendship.  It is known to be the “Stone of Strength,” and means “fire,” in the Sanskrit language.

The word Topaz also comes from an island in the Red Sea called “Topazos.”  There are many different colored Topaz stones; clear, gold, yellow, red, orange, peach, pink, blue, turquoise, green and brown.

The yellow Topaz represents the November birthstone, whereas the turquoise and the clear Topaz which is heat-treated turns into a blue Topaz.  Both colors are symbolic of the December birthstone.  A genuine Blue Topaz, created by nature, is very rare and also very expensive.

To choose a Topaz you need to follow a couple guidelines so as to make sure you are indeed getting a True Topaz.

  • Make sure you deal with a jeweler who has a good reputation and one who specializes in Topaz stones.

  • Find out if the stone has been treated with heat, irradiation or a dye.

  • The Russian royals of the 18th and 19th century were into what is called the “Imperial Topaz.” The color of this highly sought after Topaz was a light pink and also a red color.

  • Observe your Topaz stone closely prior to purchase and make sure it has no imperfections.

  • There should be no scratches on a Topaz, no matter what color it is, and if properly cut the stone should reflect light in an even fashion.

  • Compare different Topaz stones to each other, observe the cut and the color, and then select the finest one.

  • Be certain your Topaz is genuine and be aware that sometimes the semi-precious stones such as a Citrine or Smoky Quartz have been presented as a Yellow or a Smoky Topaz.  Quartz stones have also been passed off in the place of a rare Blue Topaz.

  • The Blue Topaz should be looked at under daylight and the Orange and Yellow Topaz are best viewed under incandescent lighting.

  • Topaz is similar to a diamond in that if it receives a sharp blow from the appropriate angle it will split where the cleavage direction is.

  • Sun exposure and heat can make the Topaz fade in color and lose its luster.

  • Do not place two Topaz stones together since the harder stone will scratch the softer one.

  • Also do not place your Topaz next to a Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire if you want to avoid it from getting scratched.

  • Always store the Topaz out of the sunlight and in a cool location.


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