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The world of smoking has changed dramatically.  Earlier it was a style statement to smoke, with most actors and actresses smoking in all of their films now, with the health warnings blaring everywhere there is great awareness and also decrease in the number of smoking.  But still there are millions of them who are battling to kick this habit.

 Following are some tips that might help you ease the pressure and tension.

Timing is a very important factor. Don’t try to quit when you have some big project coming up or there is some stress situation because smoking is the greatest de-stressing activity and your efforts might just fail.

Another important factor is that you will put on weight when you first give up.  So don’t try to quit just before an important event, such as a wedding or a party.

The first two or three weeks are the most difficult.  Be especially cautious during this period and with the passing time things will get easier and better.

Don’t go cold turkey. As a smoker you will be addicted to nicotine and suddenly cutting it off will cause damage to your body.  You need to wean yourself off the nicotine. Try some lozenges, nicotine gums, etc to compensate for the nicotine.

The main focus when giving up smoking is the addiction to nicotine. It is not just nicotine that you get addicted but also the action of inhaling. So for this you get an inhaler that works the same way as the cigarette but does not contain nicotine. This only satisfies the oral fixation rather than the nicotine addiction so it is a good idea to use it along with a nicotine based product.

Staying on the same dosage will not help in quitting. You have to reduce the dosage gradually until one day when you no longer need it at all.

Set goals for yourself by setting the numbers of cigarettes you are going to reduce in say 10 days. And once you achieve it treat your self.

Work out roughly how much money you spend on cigarettes in a week. Start putting that money in a jar and start saving it for something you had long wanted to buy.

Give the NHS a call. They have a particular ‘Stop Smoking’ programme which is extremely helpful.  They send you a DVD and a pack with all of the information you need to help yourself.


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