Finding Your Abode

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How many times have you asked yourself, “Where am I supposed to be?”  “What am I supposed to be doing?” “Who am I honestly supposed to be sharing my bed with?” “What do I really want to do with my life?”  “In what manner do I want to live?” The answer is clearly obvious: “What are you passionate about?”  Not merely interested, involved, love, or even presently studying or pursuing.  I’m talking about what fills your physical body with pure raw creative sexual instinctively driven artery exploding, vein pulsating blood pumping fervent enthusiasm? {The one-of-a kind sensual energy (power) that literally sets you on fire, oozing out of every pore, bubbling with each step you take.}Personal charismatic P-o-w-e-r!  Unadulterated Power, unstoppable penetrating power that defines the loftiest most elevated spiritual creative vibrational energy available to mankind. Moreover, this sacred personal attracting power is given to all to be used and expressed prodigiously. In other words, you are to walk, talk, breathe, move, make love, sing, dance, build, eat, sleep, read, write, create ‘you and your world’ with this ineffable force.

When you awake in the morning, you’re meant to be flooded with excited ‘raring to go’ thoughts as they hit your head, while at the same time your feet bounce onto the floor in unceasing super-charged sensually ignited movements. Sound unreasonable? Why? Who sold and when did you buy the idea of being anything less than the indescribable sacredly imbued sexual magnet you are inherently designed to be?  If this truly is not your present state of existence, tell me what life-draining exaggerated measures do you take to hide the numbed indifference and alienated disconnection you are currently experiencing? How do you {IF you do} bury these annoying sensations? I can assure you IT is difficult, almost impossible, to hide who and what you truly are. {Much less how you Feel!} Unfortunately, it is vividly displayed in full animated horror all over your face and throughout your countenance.  What flows; shows! When is the last time you took a real good hard look at yourself? Can it possibly be that you bumble throughout your day hardly aware of your surroundings and/or events taking place right before your eyes? Do I hear you saying, “Nothing much excites me, anymore.”  I can’t remember that last time I felt like a clueless scandalous impulsive teenager.” [IF, in fact, I ever did.]

Oh no! You have lost your favored, adored, revered abode. The convenient natural instinctive dwelling place…palace…cantina…igloo…tent…apartment…ranch…camp ground, whatever place you call home. That, my friend is a very SAD thing!

Because, you may be without proper shelter? No, NOT at all. {That would be easy to fix.}  If that’s all that was involved in the matter, a few physical adjustments and geographical relocation would take care of the awkward and uncomfortable circumstance. No kidding, it’s much more involved than that. Let’s break out the tissues for this gut wrenching tragedy.  {A dislocated heart-screeching travesty, no less.} Are you ready for the news? You have left your beloved.  Your temple is empty. You have closed up shop leaving no forwarding address. Bottom line: You have left your first and only true love…yourself. When this unfortunate event occurs, it’s more than a crying shame. It’s zombie time. But, on the same token, it can be a momentous life-renewing occasion should you be able to recognize and remedy the overwhelming barrenness, apathy and lack-luster {of your individual body’s electricity} emanating from you. Now, not later, is the time to be willing to restore yourself to your natural rightful self-satisfying position. It all boils down to accepting the life-affirming necessity to show up for a ‘high noon’ Pleasure verses lethargy  confrontation.  No more making flimsy excuses, inventing sniffling apologies and baffling effacing explanations. No longer can you evade the duty of fulfilling your appointed cosmic destiny. No longer can you act like you are contrite by sublimating your personal long-held desires. You may endearingly call it sacrifice.  No such luck; it’s non-pleasure stupidity.

When you leave the helm of your earthly ordained ship, no other hands can fit the wheel. No matter how much you would like to believe otherwise. No one can do a  better job of running your life than you can. In other words, nobody can do you like you can do you. So, the vessel drifts haphazardly along until you decide to take back the rudder. Are you ready to do that?  Are you ready to make ONE authentic commitment?  {An openly vain self-adorned determined effort to seek, study, observe and expose the mystery of you in fullness?} Holding nothing back! There’s one little hitch, however. You are not allowed to eliminate one single aspect that you may deem unpleasant or unsavory. It is only by and through (what you define as) the base elements of your nature that you can actually discover what makes you tick. As long as you continue to judge, analyze, condemn and subjugate aspects of your personality, you will never be able to fully integrate and appreciate their value as making up the completely magnificent creature you are.  The same goes for your praising certain preferred elements in your personality. Refuse to be lured by their comfortable familiarity.

You are so accustomed to a personal beguiling mind set, unconscious of its debilitating effects, the challenge will be to ‘steer clear’ of the icebergs of ‘preset boundaries of comfort’ in your present life. Yes, it will take a ‘steady as she blows’ determination, but you can do it.  Who was it that turned the tables over when the initial purpose of a sacred sanctuary had been defiled by turning into a den of thieves? The same type situation has occurred in you. Abandoning your ship has robbed you of your focus, intrinsic enthusiasm and influence. You must return to your first love with added resolve and gut-wrenching fortitude.  It’s going to take that kind of determination while setting sail on the massive ocean liner’s project of finding your true abode. For your information, you must be aware of the prerequisite involved. [Detachment: An exchange of the familiar for the unfamiliar; the personal for the impersonal.] Does that scare you? Does the idea of delving too deep into your current motivations conjure up all sorts of cauldron boiling limitations? {Isn’t that what they call therapy?}An honest evaluation of your desire to serve yourself {without feeling the need to overcompensate in order not to feel guilty} will prove to be beneficial and will lead you to an actual bona fide realization of pure aspiration.  Can you give yourself the needful microscopic attention and focused neutral interest long enough until the anarchistic break-through is discovered, established and maintained? Easy, it’s not. {We tend to lie to ourselves without being aware of it.} Rewarding, it is. {True liberty offers a life without restriction.}  However, tis’ true: “To whom much is given; much is required.”

No more imitation for you. You are basically tired of following the crowd: {blind leading the blind; and, everyone falling in the ditch} Stake your claim!  Refuse to be snared into a mind set of reasonableness and logic.  Explore, expose, experience the sexually stimulated divine spirit of creativity within.   Remember: sexual energy is the highest form of spiritual energy available to mankind. Use it as you will with no apology or defense. No pretense, either.  Step up to the palate of your personal desire and create what you will! Paint, draw, sing, dance, build, compose, instruct, conduct, write, create, mold, stamp, carve, instill, drive, push, pull, swirl, swoon, speak, seduce, spin, vibrate to that level where you and you alone will inhabit. Fill your cup to overflowing in goodness and mercy!  Like the sacred meteor you are, soar to heights yet unimagined and traversed. Then, and only then, will you serve YOU, your life, world, relationships, work, and career in a manner fitting, notwithstanding your revered purpose with dignity and honor.


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