How to Help Build a Childs Self Esteem

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* respect all children
* Model appropriate behavior
* Nurture your own low self esteem
* Value each child as a unique individual with his or her own special interests
* Think before you speak. Once said, you cannot undo the damage
* Be honest. Children know when you are not being sincere
* Actions speak louder than words. Children will do what you do, not what you tell them to do
* Be positive. Remember the saying “if you cant say nothing nice, dont say anything at all.” Search for something nice to say to each child
* Discourage the child’s inappropriate behavior, not the child
* Do not compare one child to another
* Use non verbal cues such as a smile, pat on the back, or hug
* Use positive statements such as “I like the way you…”
* Praise children for jobs well done

* Encourage children for their efforts
* Teach children about decision making
* Allow children “ownership of the problem”
* Offer choices
* Encourage positive exploration
* Demonstrate sincere interest in the child’s activities
* Redirect Children’s negative perceptions
* Provide positive discipline
* Be responsible for your own behavior
* Encourage children to take credit for doing something well
* Show an interest in the child’s achievements
* Help young children find the words to express their feelings
* Encourage children who aren’t doing well to keep trying

* Express your unpleasant feelings verbally
* Accent the child’s unpleasant emotions
* Teach the child how to deal with angry, unhappy feelings
* Provide ways for the child to feel successful
* Respond to the child’s actions immediately
* Avoid bringing up the past
* Teach and demonstrate respect for your own and other cultures and ethnic groups
* Take photographs of the child
* Display the child’s artwork
* Help children set realistic goals
* Help children take pride
* Let children know its okay to be silly sometimes
* Show your sense of humor because its important for Children’s well being


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