Worst reasons to marry

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One of the worst reasons to marry is not to be alone. Many people are terrified of ending up alone. Marriage can certainly end that in a heartbeat. But if it’s being done so an individual doesn’t have to be alone-it may be done for all of the wrong reasons. People should get married because they are madly in love with each other and want to spend their lives together in wedded bliss. True, many people settle-putting away their fantasy variant away-perhaps forever. But people should not marry just to prevent from ending up alone. To make a relationship work, through marriage, or even long-term relationship, there should be love. No love, the marriage is doomed. Worse, it can easily become an excersise in patheticness, as the weak-foundation marriage crumbles.

Don’t marry out of lust. It can be a hugely profound mistake. Certainly, strong physical attraction can lead years of intense sex. Again, without love, even just a lustful marriage can crumble in the end. Some people marry because they are so enchanted with their partner’s form; being very desirous of it. Sometimes people marry out of the stupidest reasons and lusting after somebody usually falls into that camp of thought. Without a strong anchor of love, familiarity and bonding in a relationship, marrying somebody just because they have a knock-out body can leave you, the other partner empty and denuded in the wrong ways.

We all know that after many years of marriage, love may not seem what it was like when the couple first met. It may morph somewhat, but without love as a strong foundation in the beginning, there is no house, family and everything else that connects with it. Even though love does change in later years, the flame is never extinguished, for there has been many years of bonding together, building a life together, raising children and the such. Sex is important in many marriages that usually end up with little or no sex. But without a strong foundation, it is a house collapsing away into a sinkhole.

Never marry out of money. An oldie, but goodie. Marrying somebody for a strong sense of financial security, whether honorable or not, can lead to hugely immense complications in your life. Be you male or female, it’s a mistake. It is nice for both of you to have a comfortable life together, and raise kids in an environment of no want, and the best of everything. But even honorably marrying somebody because they have ample monies may in the end leave you feeling very empty and hollow inside-almost a sad metaphor for many of these marriages in the first place.


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