Do older adults prefer younger sexual partners?

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As an older (mid-age adult), I’d say yes and no. A lot of relationship interactions has to do with chemistry-an older adult may have absolutely nothing in common, no chemistry with somebody their age and tons of chemistry with somebody younger. Chemistry is absolutely critical to any burgeoning relationship. No chemistry and all you get are a bunch of adults, older, younger or in-between, spewing vitolic remarks at each other, or just being civil with each other-in some form of non-romantic, very platonic relationship. It dictates everything in a relationship, not necessarily just out of an older partner seeking a younger partner.

In a lot of cases, older adults prefer younger sexual partners out of a sense of vivaciousness, in which renewed sexual vim and vigor comes from. A younger sexual partner can rejuvanate and recharge an older adult’s ‘sexual-batteries’, almost making them feel young and youthful again. They have broken away from their age group, to be with somebody who makes them not only feeling young again, but transporting them to an almost alternate-reality where they are young again. Putting that aside for a moment, also being in a sexual relationship with somebody younger snaps the mold and takes them away from the usual relationship with a similarly-aged partner.

Looking beyond youthful sexuality, sensuality and looks, just going out with somebody much younger has almost a feel of electricity for somebody perhaps not as they are. It probably has a lot to do with the anticipation of the very possible romantic connection that is exciting. The anticipation can be just as great as being seriously romantically involved. But in the ‘no’ column, still chemistry is important. But even short-lived flings can still result, sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes even a few months. Still, overall, it’s mixed between yes and no. There are many older adults who are perfectly content with somebody their own age, thinking younger people may be very immature, and less in control of their emotions.

But still younger sexual partners are sought out by many. The term ‘cougars’ of older women chasing and having sexual relationships with younger men have entered our lexicion in the last several years. It is a growing phenomenon, not just among men anymore, that promises to continue to grow. But still there will always be similarly-aged people in sexual relationships with other similarly-aged people. So, it is a reality of ‘yes’ and ‘no’-probably both realities evenly mixed. But is certainly nothing new, just more open in a world increasingly full of choices that are comfortable with both realities to live in.


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