Have conspiracy theories really gone too far?

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Conspiracy theories abound from talk radio to cable to the Internet…and beyond. We hear everything from President Obama not being constitutionally-qualified to be president, to a waiting space fleet to deal with the possible pending demise of humanity from the 3,600 year orbit of a passing brown star that will pass near the Earth, wreaking mind-numbing amounts of devastation. The only problem with such theories is that little evidence and proof is offered. In the case of President Obama not being constitutionally-qualified, as some conspiracy-theorists have pointed out, a mountain of evidence is offered to support President Obama. But some of the conspiracy theorists never hear it, propagating wildly exaggerated claims, backed up by shreds of flimsy evidence-and a hidden-agenda..

Sadly enough, the Internet seems to have become a wasteland for such claims and theories. With a global platform that can easily reach billions, many can come on and write wild claims, backed up by little or no scientific evidence. Sure enough, scientists can, at times, be an arrogant lot, with closed minds and non-yielding belief structures. Scientific-“humanism” has almost become a religion in itself-humanism being the belief that humanity is the center of its known sphere of influence. There is nothing else that can’t be explained away by conventional scientific doctrine.

Some of the scientists and their doctrine are to blame for this flood of conspiracy theories. Science has to yield more in its beliefs, doing real investigations into some of these claims. With many scientists refusing to hear anything, and even actively debunking, conspiracy theories will grow and multiply, spreading a wave of paranoia, from everything like the ‘New World Order’ to UFO space fleets waiting to rescue humanity from its possible demise from the passing brown star…

In the case of the passing brown star, some evidence is offered through ancient records and accounts of ancient global catastrophes, such as the Biblical flood. The brown star theory has been interchanged with the ancient Sumerian account of the passing of the god’s primal home, planer Nibiru. It has been equated to the return of Nibiru…or the brown star. There may be some truth to it. We just don’t know for certain. With the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, many have jumped on that to mean that Nibiru, or the passing brown star is about to wield its arc of death onto a largely unsuspecting global population, with only the elite-cabals knowing what’s about to happen.

There is no doubt that conspiracy theories have gone way too far, at times seemingly verging on deluded and paranoid belief structures. But there has to be a more active look into these things by science, or else paranoia and delusion reign the day. There also is no doubt that many things like UFOs and other things do have validity. But unless there is either disclosure or a more active and thorough investigation that brings it more to the mainstream, such things get swept under the rug, and the theories of the waiting space fleets to save a doomed humanity from the effects of the passing brown star reign the day.


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