End of the World is Near, Is It Real?

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One time after office, I decided to watch some amazing videos to enjoy myself before going home. I just found myself clicking a link about a video documentation about the end of the world in a specific date December 2012. I’ve been curious so I’ve watch the whole video with full curiosity. I felt a fear while watching. It’s as if you’re
getting into the situation. The documentation is great, as if created for National Geographic Channel.

What’s the video all about? It’s all about the end the world we are living in. It’s not just a prediction of those fortune tellers, it’s a prediction with scientific basis. Accordingly, the world will suffer frequent change of temperature now a days. This is because of a huge heavenly body predicted by expert to crash the earth on December 2012. The heavenly body is approaching towards the earth at a specific speed
and constant direction. Due to this fact, experts have thought of solutions to this situation. Unfortunately, it’s not a solution to avoid the destructive heavenly body, it’s just a solution to continue the existence of life. Accordingly,
there is no way to avoid the destruction. Even the highest technology at present will not be able avoid or prevent the predicted destruction. They have mention what they call a planet x where people who will be selected to survive will live and start a new life. Yes, “selected”. Not everyone can be rescued on that time (imagine the
number) so only the selected people will be chosen to survive. The selection will be based on skills. Only skilled people who will be able to contribute in building a new world will be selected. Others who will not be selected will unfortunately witness how the world as it end.

There are other version of predictions I read. It’s about Malayan calendar predicting the world’s end at same year 2012. According to this prediction, the earth’s crust will rotate causing earth’s outer layer to react in a way destructive. The effect of rotation, according to them, ends the life on earth.

Are you aware of a movie 2012? It’s about the end of the world as predicted (I just don’t know the basis, it’s not yet io theater). It will definitely show the frightening destruction of the world, an advance view of what we could possible witness on the day of the real end on 2012. Imagine yourself in the situation. How much fear could
you feel when you see people caught by fire, drowned to big waves or eaten by an opening lands.

It’s up to you to judge whether you’ll believe it or not. We should still leave our life normal. Living with fear will not change what is meant to happen.


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