How to Write a Seekyt, Bukisa or Triond Article Easier

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Are you like me, do you get frustrated when you write a Seekty, Bukisa or Triond article? I learned this tip when I first started writing online articles and it really has paid off. With my slow dial up it is not fool proof, but it does making writing a Seekyt, Bukisa or Triond article easier.

Things you’ll need:

1.     Open notepad, WordPad, Microsoft works or Microsoft word and construct your article when you have time to think what you want to write be about and say, also you can keep an eye on and control your word count for your articles too.

2.     Copy and paste yours steps into the appropriate section needed for your Internet article. If adding pictures with dial up, it will take a longer than High Speed so do just a couple of pictures, save then preview.  If you have a high-speed internet connection it will not matter.

3.     I take many of my pictures used in my Seekyt, Bukisa and Triond articles. Have your pictures already reduced in size and place them in a  folder on your desktop for your artilces. It makes it easier to find and upload.

4.     When you construct your article ahead of time, think of the key words you are going to use so you can copy and paste them in.

5.     Are you going to put backlinks to your other articles online? Have the pages open to copy the link in that section. If you are going to link a picture to Bukisa have the site open in which you will link the site and picture into your article.

6.     Print out your article for your own personal reference. However, you still want to save it to your hard drive, thumbnail or rewriteable CD in case you lose your connection or the unthinkable happens that you lose your work. You want your article to be easily accessible to put back online.

7.     When you use these tips writing your Seekyt, Bukisa and Triond article will be so much more pleasant and easier.


  • I do not always trust dial up so I save and preview.

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