How to Have Restaurant Etiquette

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Be polite to your server. Understand that this person is serving you a meal and this is their job. Treat the individual who stands before you with some respect. Waiters and waitresses have a very difficult job and it doesn’t matter who you think you are, you must remember that this person is a human being trying to make a living.

Have some dignity and respect for the people who are dining around you. If by nature you have an incredibly loud mouth this should be the time when you tone it down considerably. The guests that come out to a restaurant are all looking to have a quiet and enjoyable dinner, people around you do not want to hear your entire conversation. Keep this in mind, as intriguing as you may like to think your story sounds to you…it is meant to be shared between you and your own table when dining out in public.

The next step to dining etiquette is to act like an adult. The time that you have to go out to a nice dinner should be respected even as if you were in your own home. The plus of dining out is that the meal is served to you and you do not have to clean up, however, this is not a free ticket for you to act like you are dining in a pig pen. Keep the food on your table and on your plate. Trashing your dining area is a complete disaster to clean up for anyone waiting on your table.

And lastly, as you sit there and enjoy your meal there are aspects of eating that should never be displayed in a restaurant. 
1. NEVER ever burp out loud at a table. (this one applies to anywhere..anytime)
2. Do not sit there and chump away with your mouth open. (no one wants to see this display of half eaten food)
3. If you would like to
share a piece of your dish do so casually. (do not sit there and vigorously shake the fork until the slab of meat falls off)
4. Make sure that you tip properly. (this is very important, some think tipping is optional … it’s not!)


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