If he is Unfaithful….Part Three

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You are sure he is having an affair, but
have done nothing to alert him to your

He is supposed to have absolutely no idea
whatsoever that you realise he isn’t
‘working late’ or whatever other lies he
tells you.

As you are as you were in his eyes, you now
have freedom to do the necessary checks.

If you are renting a premises, this means
you have the freedom to move without losing

Begin hunting for a new place, when you find
it, that is End Game, Make all your preparations
for leaving before you being to look.

If you own the home, make the serious decision
on whether you want to be fighting over it,
and spending what you don’t have to insure you
get your ‘rights’.

Where there is a mortgage, not paying it,
using it to pay down on a place for yourself
is the wisest move.

Unless it is your house, with your name alone
on the title, expect a nice long drawn out
case. If his name alone, or if there is a
fat mortgage, cutting your losses is the best

Consult a lawyer, insure that you leave with
more than you entered.

You can do this if you keep your knowledge
of his affair to yourself, move out with
everything you want to take, and leave him.

Let him come home to an empty flat, or a
house with the best pieces missing.

Let him look for you.

Let the first time he realises you know
about his affair be after you’ve left him.

This spoils it all for him.

Firstly, he isn’t Great Me, is he?

While he was playing with Slutina, his wife
left him. He traded his Wife for That.

Trust me, most men have affairs with the
trashiest female they can find. She will
do anything and everything to please him.

She brings out the true pig in him.

Things he would never think in the presence
of his wife he will do with Slutina.

Hence, he doesn’t want to lose Wife.
Alas, he has.

Secondly, he gains enormous respect for a
woman who is smarter than he is. He had
no idea his wife knew or had the ability
and courage and fortitude to say nothing
and then to abruptly leave with fanfare.

This means he is No Body. He is so nothing
he is not worth her sweat. He is so nothing
she won’t fight over him.

Now how do you think this guy is going to

By silently leaving without a word the wife
has made it clear how little he means to her.

This is far different from the hysterical
scene, the anger, the dramas, which only
inflate his ego.

He feels great when his wife is crying because
of his adultery. He is almost orgasmic when
she begs him not to leave her.

Do you really want to give him this satisfaction?


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