How to Kickass at Nazi Zombies

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Step 1

First, get your team together. find people you can count on to kill, revive your teamates, and not quit when it gets tough.

This is important because, some people don’t get alot of kills, or don’t revive you when your down, or quit just cause they die or just get bored.

Step 2

Then work together! Without team work you wont get to far. Without team work you will only get to about round ten because no one knows what the other is doing. Thats why you are given a microphone to talk to your teamates.Let someone know there is a zombie behind them, or help shoot the zombies attacking one person.

Step 3

Next, be a good sport. Don’t be the person nobody wants to play with cause they leave right when the die. Don’t be the person who gets angry really fast cause its just a game and it really doesnt matter if you win or lose. Even though in this game you cant really win.

Step 4

Be understanding because everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes its because of the connection. It may be hard but its worth it. When your understanding people learn from you and start to be understanding too. If everyone did this online line gaming would be better for everyone, instead of people who just yell all the time.

I really do hate it when people just get on to yell and piss people off, and the only thing you can do about it is give them a bad report which doesnt do anything.


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