Hot Spots for Hot Games

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When making love in the bed get started to be monotonous? Why we are not trying the other “hot” sites? Sure, having sex in these locations is less private. Therefore, it can not take the long time. However, although it just takes a short time, it can be the other extraordinary sensation for our sex journeys. Maybe it can be other references to hot spots and hot games had been tried by millions of other people in the world.

1. Rear seat

Yes it would be less comfortable? Thrilling and exciting? Sure. To be “the junior” fast “ride” start the game from the front seat. When you’re busy changing the car into gear, let your partner’s hand “Guerrilla” in the area down there.

2. Bath tubs

It’s not everybody have bath tubs in the house. However, you can take advantage of the hotel property to do so, for example on holiday or your business trip.

3. Sofa or chair

The sofa in the living room or in a club chair can also be used to “have fun”. You can try sex positions while sitting on the lap of her.

4. Toilet

Did not have enough time to make love on the soft mattress? Why not take advantage of the moment when he was taking a shower in the morning. Wash each other’s body can be seductive foreplay and refreshes.

5. Stairwell

Body is docked on the dance floor excites you? If you do not have much time, a quickie in the emergency stairs or the wall can not hurt to try. Doggy style position or standing face to face can be chosen for the greatest adventure for both.


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