Am I Sexy?

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It can not be denied, that physical beauty is still the main attraction that makes a person interested in the opposite sex. But, what are the definition of sexy in the eyes of men and women?

What is imagined in our fantasies when you hear the word sexy? Do you have a slender waist, bright skin, beautiful legs, or buttocks with chest full? Sexy is closely related to the sex appeal or sexual attraction. But, not only women who have sex appeal, men have it. Sex appeal is necessary to attract the opposite sex. According to Charles Darwin, in his book The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, men prefer full-chested women and wide-hipped. Women with this type is said to be easier to give birth and care for her baby. In addition to the type of course was chubby as a sexual attraction high. Although times have changed, it still makes the beauty of the male body as the primary measure of a woman’s sexiness. Interestingly, compared with the breast, turned out 83 percent of men answered the sensual lips is the things that make a woman look sexy. In the second place, 80 percent of men agreed to answer a taut breasts is very sexy. Then in a row is ladders legs, slender body, and hips are solid as the things that make men ‘swallowed’ when looking at a woman.

What about women? It was not the only guy who was fascinated by women because the visual side. Women are also more easily being stolen her attention when he saw a man who has a good body shape. Before the gym era when a man formed their good body, women prefer a man who his big, fat tends. However, according to a recent survey, 88 percent of women are more attracted to men tall and straight because it makes her feel protected. Then the athletic body (76 percent), shoulder width (72 percent), and small buttocks as well as solid (60) as being able to make a woman glanced at a man.

So what happens if we are not blessed with the body shapes that are less attracted to the opposite sex? For example, form a large jaw, flat-chested or big hips?

Actually we do not have to lament that there are physical deficiencies. The reason is, the way we see ourselves very big impact on external appearance. If we have a poor self image, we will automatically appear less confident. In fact, people who appear confident will look attractive. We can manage it by changing the way we makeup, highlights shortfalls and strengths.

Especially for the men, a survey conducted by a women’s magazine says that looking neat and well-established executive style is more stealing a young woman’s attention because it appeared to have a promising career. So, keep our style up and we should have a high confidence to our self.


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