How to Choose Which Candle Wicks to Use

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Wicks are made with flat, square and cored braided wicks. Flat braids are a good choice for tapered or pillar candles. Square braids work well for small molded candles.

Votives and containers burn well with cores. You can find wicks with either paper or zinc cores. Wick cores help the make the wick stronger and burn the wax evenly.

Candle Wick Sizes

Candlewicks come in a variety of sizes but are generally small, medium and large. The larger your candle, the larger the wick you should use. They’re also often numbered and/or specify what type of candle they’re meant for on the label.

For a candle less than two inches, use a small wick. For one two to three, a medium and for one larger than that, use a large wick. You can also use two wicks if it’s an enormous candle and you want to ensure an even burn.

An exception to this is when using beeswax or soy wax, because they require you to use a wick twice the size you normally would. I found this out the hard way when I noticed my soy candle sputtering out.

Other Wick Conderations

The dye and fragrance added will also affect the way the wick burns. If too much of either is added, it could cause your wick to smoke too much. One size does not always fit all, because there are so many formulas and types of wax available that may give different results. Unfortunetly, you might have to learn which precise sizes of wicks to use through trial and error.

Bob Sherman from One Stop Candle has been kind enough to provide a free candle wicking chartto refer to for more information.


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