How To Look Like Jessica Stroup

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How To Look Like Jessica Stroup

How to look like Jessica Stroup. How to look like Jessica Stroup a model, and actress that started her career in modeling at the age 15. Jessica Stroup got her first acting job at 18 on the show “Unfabulous” as a guest star. Now Jessica Stroup is known best for her role in “90210”. Jessica Stroup has a great figure, and looks great in anything she wears. Keep reading and learn how to look like Jessica Stroup.

How To Dress Like Jessica Stroup

To dress like Jessica Stoup you want to know all the fashion trends. Jessica Stroup starred out as a model so fashion is her passion. How to dress like Jessica Stroup can be done by layering clothing. Wear colorful tops, and layer them with cardigans. To dress like Jessica Stroup don’t forgot the accessories. Jessica loves jewelry bangle bracelets, long necklaces, and bright colored hand bag or purse. Jessica Stroup has been seen wearing stunning high heels with shorts and dresses. During the day wear slouch boots with a comfortable dress.

How To Get Jessica Stroup’s Body

How to get Jessica Stroup’s body can be done by watching what you eat. Jessica Stroup stays away from red meats, loves fish, and eats lots of sushi. To get a body like Jessica Stroup exercise 4-5 days a week. Yoga and cardio exercise is what Jessica does often to stay skinny. Jessica Stroup loves to exercise and thinks of her body as a temple.

How To Get Jessica Stroup’s Hair

To get Jessica Stroup’s hair cut is short chin length is how Jessica is sporting her hair now. Jessica Stroup has brown hair that is straight with some long layers.

How To Wear Makeup Like Jessica Stroup

How to wear makeup like Jessica Stroup. To wear makeup like Jessica Stroup concentrate on the eyes. Jessica wears black liquid eyeliner, and black mascara. Use gray and blue shades of eye shadow. Jessica Stroup wears a nude lip gloss.


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