How To Look Like Blake Lively

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How To Dress Like Blake Lively

To dress like Blake Lively wear lots of accessories. Blake is known for wearing a turquoise necklace on the set of the “Gossip Girls”. How to dress like Blake can be done by wearing sophisticated dresses that are trendy. Dress in girly feminine clothing. Blake loves to wear knee high boots, and high heels. Wear high heels with skinny jeans for Blake’s signature look.

How To Get Blake Lively’s Body

How to get Blake Lively’s body will require you to exercise, and eat healthy. Rumors have it that Blake Lively never exercises, or watches what she eats. Blake Lively does exercise and eats a healthy balanced diet. Blake eats sweats, and junk food in moderation. To get a body like Blake Lively exercise 3-4 days a week, cardio, and light weights.

How To Wear Makeup Like Blake Lively

To wear makeup like Blake Lively a little goes a long way. Blake Lively wears makeup that is very natural looking. Wear foundation, a blush in a cinnamon color, and coral colored lip gloss. Curl eyelashes, and apply black mascara.

How To Get Blake Lively’s Hair

How to get hair like Blake Lively will require you to go blond. Blake Lively wears hair down and wavy. To wear hair like Blake Lively Part hair down the middle for a hippy chic look. Have long layers, and curl hair to chin length with large barrel curling iron for a messy sexy look.


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